To Late

I never had the chance with my own wife as she had no sherries left when we married. How ever I have had the chance with several other mens wives. I have to say the experince is out of this world. Taking something the husband has never had, it's even better if he has tried to get it before and you still get it 1st.
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I haven't had anal with my wife even though she enjoyed with her ex. I want her to give that to other guys but not me.

I know what you mean. I tried for years to get my wife to swallow my *** but she said no. At the last party we went to she asked if a guy she had been flirting with could **** her. I took her top off so everyone could see her beautiful **** and know she was going to be ****** and I knew it. When she came out after 2 hours, she kissed me full on the mouth and shared the guys *** with me. I guess he talked her into something I couldn't. She said he had her legs on her shoulders and was so deep in her she just kept *******. Before he came he pulled out and stuffed it in her mouth. She couldn't say now and just kept gulping to get his whole load. She kept some for me so I would know he had ****** her mouth. I loved it and hope lots of other guys do the same.

I love this story!

I've never had Anal Sex with my Wife.

I'd tear it up. She has an *** make for my ****.