I Want To Get It Soon

in may i went to decortive injections and a very sweet man named jimmy did my first tattoo i loved it  and my only fear i had did happen it was that i wouldnt just want to stop at one that i would want morehttp://content-img.experienceproject.com/1281107054Tv3pbd.jpgdont know if that works but its my first tattoo.now i want another one its words that form a heart.http://content-img.experienceproject.com/1281109697T4s0lk.jpeg once again if it didnt work im sorry if it did thats the one i want as  my 2nd tattoo and then the 3rd means the most tome but  it will take me awhile because i want it to be perfect http://content-img.experienceproject.com/1281109890T5krb1.jpg   this last one will  be in memory of  my brothers mom we lost almost a year ago
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

me to that is going to be my next one then my last one will be the one in memory of my brothers mom

I like the heart!