My 3rd One.

So, I was thinking of getting my 3rd tattoo and its going to be this quote "Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough" I was thinking of putting it on my left forearm. would that be a great idea? and is the quote good?

I was a failure back in high school and now I am slowly getting to my goal. This quote means a lot to me and if you have any other quotes something similar to that or quotes about progress please let me know! Thank you very much! :)
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Hey man, I have several tattoos, including some stuff on my inner forearm, and I love tattoos and plan on having full sleeves. But here's the thing, your profile shows you as pretty young and it sounds like you have some goals you want to achieve in the future. But having visible tattoos can prevent you from achieving those goals, or at least make it more difficult. Here's why. People still judge others ba<x>sed on appearances and first impressions. I worked in the trades for quite a few years and was never concerned with how people viewed me. After a lot of time in the trades, I have decided to change careers and get a higher education and pursue a profession. If I had my arms covered in full sleeves already, I know it would make it more difficult to enter this profession as a lot of the people I would deal with are quite conservative, so I know it would be difficult getting started out in it. But once I am done school and get into the career, and develop a reputation, then I will finish off all of the artwork on my body. The cool thing with tattoos is you can put anything you want, where-ever you want, whenever you want. So I have learned to be patient with getting tattoos.<br />
Just my two cents.<br />

Aww I love your idea!