My Dragon

Just took the pic,  the tat is not finished yet!
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That's really nice, but we need to see the finished tat.

cool! Im getting some rainbow stars on my foot soon.

This is really exquisite ,the part do the eye's to awaken the soul! ;) chills ....
super painful admire you indeed!



beautiful! I'm working on getting another added, and will be a type of black with shading.. all tribal.. or tribal as the theme... every tattoo is a work or art and has a unique story deep within

yes Telestrat, I agree :) do you have pictures!?!

go in my profile, and in my pictures folder I have pictures of it being done.. it was a cover up of an old tattoo

How long did that take? It looks so intricate! :)

around 9 hours all up, my tattooist said he will do the eyes last as that awakens the soul of the dragon within.

Wow! Cool...I have 3 but all small. You sat in one sitting!

no, two sittings. The first sitting was the closest i have ever been to passing out lol. white as a sheet!

I bet!

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..Nice asian design Are you gonna build it further? With more Asian motives??
..and by the way have you heard the tail of the koi and dragon??

Sorry I just saw this comment today, please do tell the story!

Real nice. Thanks

Chinese dragons are not my favorite at all. It was hard to choose a dragon which would come across well in ink which is why I am interested in seeing yours!

check out celtic/tribal dragon designs...

I went through heaps of celtic designs but none of them grabbed me like this one did.. I would like a small tribal dragon but not a large one