My First...

I was 19 when I began wanting a tattoo...I knew what I wanted and where...but it took me until last March to actually bite the bullet and go for it.  13 years of waiting....hahaha.  A small lavender rose on my ankle.  I could never have imagined anything so pretty being on me...and with it I love showing off my legs...dreading winter when I have to cover it up...hahaha.  My next tat will be a continuation of the vine around my ankle for a permanent anklet.  After that, I'm sure I will continue to want more.  I see so many tattoo designs that I could easily enjoy having attached to myself permanently :).


angelz1976 angelz1976
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2 Responses Sep 20, 2008

Nice story I have always wanted to have a butterfly tatoo but always find escuses for not having it done. I am going to take your advice and bite the bullit. Thanks for sharing this.

I am considering having a buttrfly tattoo but do you feel any pain?