Tattoo Addiction - I'm Craving For a Fix

I started when I was 15.  My friend & I had 2 needles, some thread wrapped around the tips together.  We had some Indian Ink and proceeded to tattoo ourselves.  I just wrote my zodiac name Leo above my inside left ankle.

When I was 35 and came out as a lesbian, I designed a tattoo with Chinese Lettering.  I had a quick lesson in their writing and put together I Love Women.  I have this on my left upper arm and decided it wasn't quite complete.  Times got tight with cash, so I had to get a little creative.  I had a Harley friend that had his own little tattoo shop.  I also had an ex-girlfriend who was a Harley mechanic that left me the original Harley cloth buckle straps that held the new bikes delivered in the box.  I gave him 4 straps and in return he added my designed flowers to my tattoo. 

At the age of 45 when my Mother passed away, some of us had the family emblem tattooed on our inner lower right arm.  The symbol is the Never Ending Love Knot.

Now I'm 51 and still want another.  If I had more cash flow back when, I'd be covered with them forever.

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Bzzzzzz.... I want to hear that sound again. I've got four tattoos, with the fifth one planned. It'll be a cross between the Gemini sign and two royal scepters. (Combining my nieces name meaning with her birth sign). It'll be above my heart.

That sounds special. It's making me think about what I would like to do with my grandchildren.

That would be great..........Sound good to me. :)

"I don't have the means to Sis."<br />
<br />
Well perhaps you need a photo session with your talented sis!<br />
heh<br />
<br />
Anytime darlin,anytime....

I don't have the means to Sis. All I have is a laptop without any extra toys.

I have nary a single tat.<br />
However my daughters {all three} have lots of body art.<br />
I DO HAVE a collection of body art photographs that I took over the period of a year.I called this photodoc "I Can See Under Your Clothes". heh<br />
These photographs are here on EP somewhere.<br />
Can you post photos of your body art WarriorMom?<br />
I would love to see it.<br />


I know, I know.....I need to decide too.

I love tattoos! I have 4. I want more, but I haven't decided what or where yet!