Need At Least 2 More

I really would love to have a few more tattoos that represent my girls. I have an idea but just need the resources!

SteelCityGirl74 SteelCityGirl74
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6 Responses Jul 24, 2007

Yes, baby steps..!<br />
It's addictive, I've found. I went in to get my first tat when I was 25 and left the shop with 2 that day...the rest were done within the next 2 years...

No, haven't got a date yet. Just got my first one in August last year.<br />
<br />
Baby steps...

That's definitely a cool idea...<br />
any time soon you will be getting it? I would love to see a photo!

I'd like to pay tribute to my boys, so I plan to have one about the size and shape of a chicken egg, with a stylized, outline drawing of a woman with a small child in front of her, just the head and shoulders of them, and then somehow incorporate T, K and P into it.

that's a really cool idea! I have something in mind but I have to wait until I can get all done at once...

I think the coolest looking tattoos complement the body's shape, instead of just using it as if it were a square blank canvas. Just my opinion, of course.