Addicted Now

I never thought people could become addicted to getting tattoos. However, after I got my first one done a year ago I can't fit the urge to get more done. I already have the next four planned. The only things stopping me is money issues. For me, these are the best way to express who I am. I don't like the raw feeling after a while but just the sensation I'll always have after a tattoo is done is amazing for me. I'm trying to hide them in places because of my job, but the meaing of a tattoo is unbeatable, for me anyways.

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3 Responses Nov 24, 2009

I refuse to get names put on my body for that reason. I'll only get tattoos that mean something to me and only me, as selfish as that sounds. And I know what you mean bleu2ooth, I find it attractive when guys have almost any tattoos, as long as it's not gaudy.

I never thought I'd love this but I find it super sexy when a guys entire arm/ hand is tattooed (only one side) ... dunno just wanted to share that

What happens when you change girlfriends and the next one is not called Chantelle?