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right guys I've never actually had a proper experience with a girl, but i'd absolutely LOVE to so i told one of my friends about it and she told me she'd be up for it. So i need advicee please, any hot experiences u girls could share? and stuff like the best place to meet & what to do :) looking forward to your responses mwah
sammybabyx sammybabyx
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3 Responses Sep 7, 2012

Good luck sweetie
Relax and enjoy

Do all the things to her you love doing to yourself or love having done to you.... go slow at first and just go with it. Trust me you will enjoy it immensley. Ive been with many women and i highly recommend it to all women.... hehe enjoy sweetie :-)

thanks hun :)

Amy's (blndtwr31) comment above is what I'd say, too. Speaking for myself, once that first sexual encounter, the romance and passion, once that's happened, and things are more relaxed, I really appreciate it if the person I'm with is willing to simply tell me what they like, to instruct me. And I like being able to do the same. I LOVE being told: "Yes! Just like THAT!"

Going to be one hell of an evening