My Fantasy ...

I am tall and thin, have long brown hair, and brown eyes and i am told i am pretty. My best features are my big bum and my long hair, my boobs are perky B cups with big nipples. I have always fantasies about having my nipples sucked and have recently thought a lot about inducing, I have no idea what the experience would be like but i am interested. Nothing turns me on more than having my nipples sucked on hard for a while!! If you have had experience doing this please message me and share some information.

Thank you
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14 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Good luck with your search. Wish you live in Aust !!!

be my milkmaid...!!
i'll milk you every day & night..!!



I am here for you ! what kind of breast milk dream you have ?

Nothing sexier than nice milk filled boobs!

So Sexy

AND AS beautiful and incredibly erotic your breasts are (almost instantly fully hard on seeing the pic again after many months) I KNOW that had you gotten your wish (es) and had some REALLY into "breast worship" guy (or wmn) EVERY DAY without fail.... usually 2 or 3x a day- sucking intensely and deeply, bringing you you to release surge after surge of oxytocin- made to release from your brain from mouth and tongue "massaging" the areola , nipples, and more nips, and bringing you any ways needed to at least a few hard ******* daily... WELL IF you have been blessed and found a TRUE devotee of ANR .... then you now WELL KNOW that by satisfying the craving you have for exactly the above, you have exactly done what is needed to naturally, without pregnancy, force your breasts to enlarge quite definitely noticeably- even after you have been deliciously "suckled, f*ckled and firmly milked dry...".......

Oh, to BE that guy!!!!!! ;) Sam.

I love your big milky boobs.

please take me there n be my master.

what part of the world are you in? :)

Ah, I love a big bum!

Im free lol

Would love to help you with this! Where are you? Better yet message me