I Want Be Be Dressed Up And Be Passable

I did do this about 20 years ago but my family objedted.
Now I am in my 50s time is running out so I am growing my hair and nails and have slimmed dwon to 8stone 4 I am going to do it again.
christinemelody christinemelody
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My hero... I envy your willpower and nerves of steel to do those things - I can only imagine and jerk off to being fully dressed and made up and out in the cool air as it lifts my skirt and dress hems tantalizingly to those that have a view...

ty, nice image you create

Dear Christine, how has it been? Do you smile a naughty smile to yourself in the mirror seeing what a cutie you are?

yes i do actueally, how did you know?

Intuition, attitude and a strong suspicion (hope) that the cutie in your avatar is you.

I hope you can do it, I could never pass as a girl! I could not pass as fem if I was dressed by pro's and was in a room of tanks! You rock on and all the best!!!

ty hun

You go gurl!!!! You my dear would be very passable, you are very pretty. I just wish I was. Even when I was young I wasn't, and now over 60, impossible.

I hope it works out for you. X

me too even though I do go out with my bf as a sissyboi.<br />
<br />
can we be friends? tried to joion but ur settings didn't allow it

I hear you. Go for it, my dear. I am in the same place.

Good for you Christine<br />
Hugs<br />

you have to be yourself..<br />
<br />
many of us dont even know who we are. Good for you.<br />
<br />

you go girl, i'm 50 and finally going through my transition and my family accepts it 100% :)

Good for you honey, live life to the fullest!