Men In Pain

There only one tyoe of men i like and those are the men that will let me give their balls all type of pain. I love when im on top and i see he is close to ******* and i start pulling on his ball hard . Then i get them nice into my hand and i squezze and squezze .

once i had a man and he really loved his pain he want me to kick him in his balls. he said when ever i get made to take it out onto his balls. so i would wait till he went to sleep and start t think about all the things he did that day that pissed me off i would wake up and jus start punching his balls hard.

thing i love the most was pulling his balls, the more you pull the longer they got which ment that their was mor epain to give to him. i still see him and i still give him tons of ball pleasure but im his boss now so we dont "date" anymore
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Mmmmmm You could squeeze, punch, knee, kick, and pull my heavy balls to your heart's content! I love the pain, it makes me so horny ;) I would love to meet up with you for some hard ball busting !

Oh wow- so BEAUTIFUL ! I've had my best friend kick my nuts until they were absolutely black and blue. I loved the intensity of that pain :)

Dear,<br />
You said, "those are the men that will let me give their balls all type of pain."<br />
If you decided to wrap your fingers around a boys little balls and start squeezing your fingers into his balls causing him to instantly suffer enormous amounts of unbearable pain shooting threw his balls, that's not because he let you as you say. Its because when you've got a grip of on a boys balls<br />
weather you're hurting them or not the boy knows that there's nothing he can do to make you let go of his balls if you don't want to making the boy automatically start to begging you to be nice to his balls which makes you feel comfortable to make his balls suffer some pain because the boy knows his balls are at your mercy

you are so right nixxon :) <br />
love our female bosses keeping us men in line!

This is my favorite type of girl. Not one that goes for the balls in a mean way, but one who has fun doing it...even if she is a little mean while doing it ;)<br />
<br />
It's hard to find girls openly willing to admit that this is a turn on for them (though I have discovered that many enjoy it). Le sigh. <br />
<br />
I peruse craigslist and Fetlife and love nothing more than opening my inbox to find an email from a local who wants to get some kicks in. More often than not I oblige :)

I also applaud that....nothing better than seeing a woman that is pleasures by dominating my balls.

Got to agree with you there...I love maltreating them too!!!

My **** is pretty small so I guess my balls need to accommodate for the lack in size.