My Kids Are Definitely Independent

 even at their young age ... Joshua is just completely hyper but he  can sit with me  and look at things  in a book ... Grace is completely demanding .. she likes to have things her way or no way . So she and i bump heads alot . im trying to break her of this and teach her patience . Its hard being  the only one in her life all the time . By the time i get the house cleaned , Meals made , yard work completed ... Im whooped . So im starting a new routine .. and hopefully it will help me be able to spend more time with them and develop a better relationship with them .
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Being a single parent is difficult under the best of circumstances. When I divorced I had 5 and 7 year old boys, the oldest having ADHD. though I didn't know what it was at the time.<br />
I made a conscious decision to let some things go around the house. That if I was going to have any fun time with the kids, instead of fighting with them about cleaning their rooms, I was going to have to let go of some control, orderliness and perfection. You also need a few hours here and their to yourself, so let the yardwork go or hire a teenager to do it for you.

Enjoy them while you can, dont look for free time to your self as that only comes when they are independent adults. You say you feel drained, then stop putting your energy into things that drain you, wouldnt you rather go to bed feeling knackerd because the kids have used your energy , Instead of going to bed drained because you have been cleaning your yard or house all day, Maybe you just need a little time to your self because when we are parents, if we have no one to help out, we loose our selfs., I have learnt that I would rather spend time with my children then spend time with any one else, why, because when my four beautiful daughters stand in front of me, I look back and think year, being drained was well worth it.