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I am a 47 year old white male. Since I can remember, I have always wanted my own set of breasts. I know a lot of you may think it's wrong or immoral but I disagree. I believe a person should be happy with who they are, their appearance and do what makes them happy. Deep inside, I have always felt incomplete. I have cross dressed over the years and still like wearing feminine things but, I honestly don't want to become a full time female. I feel having my own set of breasts would be so sensual and finally give me peace. I would love to get implants at least a DD or bigger. I currently wear bra's that are 52F and use silicone breast forms but its not the same. I would love to have a really big set of breast implants of my own. And, before any of you ask if I have considered the health risks (back pain, not able to do certain things) believe me I have weighed ALL the pro's and con's and for me, the pro's far outweigh (pardon the pun) the con's.
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I also have wanted boobs all my adult life. I finally took estrogen to make them grow. I got to an A cup and that was it. I talked about getting implants, and my wife was okay with it, so I found a Doctor that would maybe do it for me, but I would have to see a shink and go thru a lot of test. Well on my first vist my wife came along, and seeing her, and that she was okay with it, said he would do it when ever I wanted it done. However they both agreed that a full B cup was big enough for me, that if I went to a DD they would be to big, and that I did not have enough skin to strech out ti make them look natural. With the A cups I had from estrogen, small implants would not show at all, and that no one would be able to feel the sacks of silicon in them. I went for the smaller size, and have been very glad that I was talked out of my DD's. I love having them, and do not regret having them done at all.

HEY,,,ME TOO,,ME TOO,,,,,,,I AM DESPERATE TO HAVE BREASTS,,,as i am 6ft tall and quite heavy <br />
i would need large ones too,,,tho my problems are thus,,,i already have a back prob,,not enuff to put me off ,,my two kids hate me for being like this so i am alienated already,,, i still only fancy women,,,<br />
does the pills u buy work?? can anyone tell me,,,where do i start looking,,,I AM A CATHOLIC TOO!<br />
but i feel my faith puts words in gods mouth,,,i was born this way,,,as god cannot make mistakes<br />
he chose me to be this way,,,,so what do i do??? i was born a man but i want to die a woman<br />
old and happy with my big saggy boobs,,,tho a good dra wud solve that!!!! comments please<br />

I c the same problem. I don't want to tell my fiance about this, because it would probably just weird her out. i don't tell her a lot of my fantasies and desires for that very reason. also a catholic upbringing makes everything difficult.