Breast Success: Part 2

The previous entry was titled "Breast Success" because I had gotten a bottle of breast growth pills. After a couple weeks, my nipples had gotten very sensitive, and I was so very happy. I purchased a second bottle, because the website said that the first bottle was basically just to circulate it through your bottle, and that growth should start with the second bottle. so I got the second bottle. And I just finished my third bottle this morning. I have taken three bottle of Breast Success now.

And after my nipples stopped being sensitive, nothing else happened. I may as well have been taking M&M's three times a day for the last three months. I have no growth, and the sensitivity in my nipples have long since gone away. Yeah, I am not very happy.

Does anyone know of one that actually works? That doesn't cost $200 a bottle?
AlicePickford AlicePickford
22-25, F
3 Responses May 15, 2012

Pueraria mirifica was working for me about $10-12 a bottle of 100 capsules

Try this herb, you should have more luck and it's a lot cheaper
Pueraria Mirifica
Swansons is the best as far as I know

pueraria mirifica is a natural herb that simulates female hormones. I have been taking it (off and on) for a while, and definitely have developed some breast tissue