I Want Children to Have Rights!!

Anytime an election comes near, we all hear *Children are our future* well all of those *spectacular* politicians are RIGHT, but quickly get amnesia once elected, or at least that is what i see.

Now, all od what you are about to read is just my opinion, so i may infact be incorrect with some of my opinions and thoughts and i EAGERLY hope you will add a comment with your thoughtss and opinions, even if they are in DIRECT contrast to mine, as it is often the contrasting opinion that helps me to evaluate and even change some of my very STRONG opinions.

Sadly, in Canada, i do not see a spokesperson for children's Rights, at least not on television, which like it or not, i think to be a SUCESSFUL spokesperson, you MUST be seen on television. In Canada, we do not have an OPRAH WINFREY that ardently fights for the rights of children, not only in her own country, but obviously in MANY COUNTRIES. Most obvious, Africa.

I don't see an Oprah, in Canada, and damn it we NEED one!! I am so completely sick of hearing that children are our future, BEFORE an election, but see or hear very little being down for children AFTER an election. NOW that may be where i am wrong, so if i am PLEASE someone tell me where the ACTIVISTS are, so that i may join them, because IF they do not exist in Canada, I, myself, WILL become one!! Do i have the credentials????? Probably not, unless the main credential is unbelievable PASSION, a LOUD voice and the ability to speak well in public ..... because i can say that i do have ALL of that.

I am a sociologist, and for those of you who really don't know what the hell that is, lol. first you are not alone!! Sociologists merely study human behaviour within the confines of SCIENCE. I was an advocate and counsellor for abused children and youth for 5 years in a non-profit shelter in Toronto, and without sounding arrogant i did an INCREDIBLE job, simply due to my passion and belief that children, younger human beings with less life expierence, must be BOTH protected and MUST HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS.

Now we can all kid ourselves, that yes our society has improved, BUT that is NOT good enough. Was it good enough when the Canadian Constitution gave the right for women to be seen as human and therefore had the right to vote?!? Was and is that GOOD enough .... NO!! Is it a step in the right direction, yes, but to be satisfied with JUST that would be LUDICROUS ..... so why should we be proud of the fact that children legally can nolonger be beaten by their parents????? Is that enough????? NO!!!!!

WHY can so many children be sexually abused in our society, go through the incredible pain of a trial, and hear a conviction (rarely) of 2 years less a day!! OMG that is DISGUSTING!! It DEVESTATES our few children that even get to that point., and as I said I was a child and youth advocate for 5 years and had to watch and witness this disgusting sentence, rarely, be pronounced, even under some of the WORSE horror stories i had seen or heard. I am a survivor of childhoos sexual abuse, so i KNOW what that pathetic sentence feels like!! SLAP the child to hell why don't you!! AND these are the rare successful cases. Watch a child go through this process to hear the man and yes women too, get off with a FINE!! What the hell are we teaching our children? We SAY, if abused, tell an ADULT. How many adults, simply do not want to hear it? How many adults hear it and accuse the child of lying? Well please do not think, that I in anyway take away the EXCEPTIONAL adults that go beyond the call of duty when such information is suspected or uttered to them, BECAUSE i am no fool, and i know that MANY adults will quickly run to action and GOD BLESS THEM ALL!! But sadly many do not, and this is just one area where the so called rights of a child get ignored, blurred, and sadly in the end during sentencing are quite frankly STOMPPED on. OK, so that's my sexual abuse issue ..... lets now focus on some so called rights that are to a degree less emotional YET still of great importance!!

The right to a good education. Well thank GOD for that right .... ooops another pretend right!! I was fortunate to go to a private school so until my children went to a public system i obviously did not know how sad our school system is ..... is it better then 20 years ago? I don't know, but if the answer is YES, then wonderful!! BUT is it good enough????? NO!! Now before any one loses their minds thinking i am about to attack teachers, RELAX, that is NOT my point ..... right now. CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE (true) and EDUCATION IS ESSENTIAL (true) so why the hell does are Government Electives do such a PATHETIC job in funding our children's education?!?  Recently my son came home and said he had a history test the next day. So I said, ok, let's get to it. He burst into tears and announced that we couldn't. When i asked him why he stated that he couldn't get to the front of the line for the text book and by the time it was his turn, the books were all GONE!! GONE???????????????????????? Yes, naive me, stupidly thought, even KNOWING that are schools do not get enough money, that there would NEVER be a situation where a child couldn't study for a test because the school could not AFFORD enough text books for each child in EVERY over crowded classroom!! OMG what are we AGAIN telling our children. EDUCATION is essential BUT guess what, our young human beings with less life expierence, WE (as a society) really do not give a damn, if we can not even supply you with a text book to study for a test!! Now this did not happen in a *poor* community, this happened in a quite affluent community, i shudder to think of the situation that BOTH the teacher's and children face in communities of less means. LUCKILY for our children, we could afford to go out and purchase EVERY text book they required, but hell this is a PUBLIC education!! We could afford to do so, sadly MOST can not!! Yes EDUCATION is essential, or so we say, but as many people know, actions speak louder than words. Our ACTIONS do not back up our STATEMENTS!!

So kids can not be protected from abuse and they can not get an education, is it better then 20 years ago, yes, is it good enough, NO!!

Now my final rant, although i have MANY on this topic. The Freedom of Speech, well what a CROCK!! Even adults know that this is not true, and YES, there MUST be limitations on that grand statement. Fredoom of speech must NEVER be used as a way to alloww hate crimes and slander to exist, BUT where can our children go to speak their minds and discuss their frustrations with the society that they are growing up in, which is SO remarkably different from even the one i grew up in, or my parents? Sadly, a few days ago,a few young human beings with less life expierence, made some statements regarding a teacher they disliked on the website known as FACEBOOK. Now to my knowledge what they wrote, although we may not like it, was in accordance to FACEBOOK standards, or facebook would have shut them down. Due to their remarksbeing deemed inappropriate by the school, these children loss their trip to Montreal. Well ok, a sticky situation .... perhaps BUT they did follow the rules and regaulations of Facebook, so they ironically thought they had a *safe* place to discuss their feelings ..... WRONG!! NO, despite the Education Ministre publically announcing that the school had OVER RE-ACTED, these children were STILL denied the right to a trip that their parents had already forked over the money for them to attend. These children all stated that they disliked a particular teacher, can they NOT say that AND obviously since they can not .... WHY?!? Why were they quickly disallowed to go to Montreal and why if more then one student felt the same way about this particular teacher, why was that teacher NOT checked out with their BEHAVIOUR. We constantly teach our children to respect people of authority ..... WHY should they, when often people of authority totally disrespect them, INFRONT of their peers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People od authority are sadly losing their ground and RIGHTLY so, too many teachers (NOT ALL) or even if it is just ONE has verbally and SEXUALLY abused students. Police Officers and Adults are often scared when they see teenagers hanging out in a park. PLEASE can we so called intelligent adults remember that our children are growing up in a very different society then we are!! Do we NOT allow our children a platform to discuss their anger and frustrations that theey have to deal with, so that we MIGHT not have ANOTHER Columbine, Virgina Tech or Montreal Massacre??????????? Let them PLEASE vent their anger without severe repurcussions OR we are setting them up for VERY difficult lives!! I would rather them rant and rave on facebook, then take a gun to school and go on a killing spree, like it or NOT, it happens and to pretend it doesn't is to live in COMPLETE denial!!

OK, trust me, I am almost finished!!

How different is the society that these children our living in;

1. Playing outside without adult supervision is nolonger the situation.

2. They have WITNESSED graphically, over and over again 9/11.

3. They are watching a war that many people are against, ALTHOUGH NO ONE is against the VERY brave men and women who are so heroically fighting this war.

4. Columbine and the Montreal Massacre are just 2 facts they deal with, and of course many other schools have faced this violence.

5. Children are being physically assaulted for a pair of shoes they may be wearing.

6. BULLYING in school, although not new is STILL a fact and now our children ALSO have to deal with CYBER-BULLYING.

7. Tell an adult, that sadly often does not change their feelings of safety.

8. Kids are being kidnapped by strangers in their own beds, in their own homes. Kids are being kidnapped, RIGHT off of school buses. They are not stupid they KNOW this, even if you try to sheild them from the news.

9. They constantly hear about the war on terrorism, LORD that scares the CRAP out of adults, let alone are young human beings with less life expierence.

10. They have NO place to discuss their anger and frustration without severe repurcussions.

11. Sadly, due to our economy many children are latch key kids.

I could go on and on but i hope my point is illuminated!! Are we better then 20 years ago, perhaps, are we good enough yet NO!!

So, if you have read this, lol, despite it's length, PLEASE comment. I need to know if I am over reacting OR if i am right, do i take the lead, in Canada for children's rights? or can you PLEASE point me in the direction of where i hope some really significant WORK, not TALK, is being done, so i may add my LOUD mouth and OPINIONS and step up to the plate and continue to IMPROVE our Children's Rights. Because as I see it right now, they simply do not have MANY or ANY!!

OK, done, opinions, rants, suggestions all are deeply requested!! Thank you, Trish

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8 Responses May 4, 2007

80% of all my Tax Money, that I am forced to pay the Government, Goes to Schools. This is true with everyone else. Wake up. School Tax is a Scam. The Government it Tapping off that money to pay for Communist Programs and Welfare.

All the bold and italics makes difficult reading. I stopped after the 3rd paragraph. Consider re-formatting it.

Just your Title makes me shudder. If we give Children the Right to Vote, for instance! We know children make up rules as they go along, to cause a personal goal to happen. I don't think we need more reason than just that to Prohibit all children from Voting. Children are not to be allowed to act like an adult until they become one. I think that age should 21, or 25. Unless they are a member of the Military. All Prisoners should be allowed to vote, because they are still Legal Citizens. Babies, beginning at the age of 1 second old, must be considered a Live Baby. <br />
<br />
Obama should be Impeached for violating the Constitution, also. Plus, where is his Citizenship papers, from when he immigrated from Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1971.???

Stop whining.<br />
<br />
Children have too many rights and parents who don't take care of their kids properly. <br />
<br />
They're kids and don't deserve any rights. If we did a better job on drugs and youth crime, we'd all be better off. <br />
<br />
Set the drinking age at 25 and you can't drive until you're 18. Not many, but you better believe some lives would be saved over that. <br />
<br />
You want to better educate the kids, then get the parents more involved. Don't give me that "I'm too busy for that" bullcrap. Then don't have kids or have the kids you accidently have adopted.

There is a rule, regarding childhood, and Individual Responsibility. Emancipation is the Key to that Responsibility of "Rights". Children must not be given Rights, until they are Emancipated by their Parents. Some Children should never be Emancipated, do their inability to Think Right, or not able to respect the Rights of others. When Children are left to their own devices, they most often, Blow the Order of Rationale, ending up as outcasts. So, lets be good for our Children and keep them as children, unless and until they display that thing called "Individual Responsibility".

Without Child Training, and Learning, there can be no acceptable Adults. Young Children are our best resource for growing Teens. Informed and Disciplined teens make good Young men and women. Without all of the above, we end up with, Juvenile Delinquency, and Bad Dreams. However, Good Children, do Good Parents, Make. Just look what America has made of our Children... Their all grown up, and have nothing to show for it.

I'm guessing no one has contacted you with information on whom to get in touch with. I live in the states and only know contact info for the U.S. but that doesn't mean there's nothing in Can ... I'll look into it for you but surely there's at least ONE group who believes in action ... If there is not, I recommend you head one up!<br />
<br />
I'm behind you all the way ...

Passion a loud voice and enthusiasm and the ability to speak well in public is all one needs to be an advocate. The squeeky wheel gets the grease.We here in Canada are too apathetic, the silent majority, because we say nothing never get heard. But the few who are opposed to something or passionate about it do get heard. having read some of your stories, am sure you would be well versed to be a child rights advocate. Go girl go!

I agree we don't want big brother, but sadly i think that already exists. I'd rather have a GROUP or even ONE who FIGHTS OPENLY for the rights of children, so that ALL can see what is going on AND thereby if they are SO concerned about big brother, JOIN the fight or START the opposition. The more the merrier, let's just get SOME light and dialogue shed on this issue. THANKS for commenting!!

I honestly believe, we must all decide exactly what Rights we are willing to give to Children, before we carelessly Embed Loop Holed Rights to a Child. Or else, it would be like the Fable of the Stork and Frog. The Stork trying to swallow the Frog, while the Frog has his hands around the Storks Neck. How does either one them Win or Loose? There will be a Consequence of grave Stupidity. If you give Rights to the Children, they become the Stork and the Parents will become the Frog. Children have no Rights to be given Rights, until they can handle Adulthood.

I was smart enough to know, and Wish, that I could have all the Rights I could talk Adults to give me. Then, I could really Rule the Roost, and prevent my Father from Spanking me for all the things I purposely do wrong. Just think, I could have gotten away with Sassing my Mother, No spanking for helping my brother have a better Temper Tantrum, when he beat his head on the floor. Chase my sister with a Bug, so she would destroy the Screen Door trying to escape, and having the Rights to not get a spanking. We already see the results of the NO SPANKING Laws. Kids have no Consequence for their actions, now. Look at the Mess "Child Rights" have caused, already.

Ok, very few people have read this, and sadly no one has left a comment :( I just asked my son, with no discussion of my thoughts, if he felt that he had ANY rights in our society? He looked at me like i was a moron, and quickly stated, NO. He's 13.