Way Too Early To Be Wanting This

Im seventeen been in a relationship with my boufriend for a year now. We have spoke about getting married and I know it's crazy and all of you will say I don't know what I'm doing but I am obsessed with wanting kids. I know I don't want one now but I still want one so bad!!! I cannot get over the fact, it's all I think about. Being pregnant, holding our baby... I just can't stop thinking about it.
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4 Responses Mar 19, 2012

I know exactly how you feel. Im 18 and engaged to the love of my life he is 22 so he is ready too we just can't afford it. I graduate college in october and we will be getting married in April so I'm hoping we can set it up to be ready financially soon after we get married. I practically raised my sisters daughter because she was never around. So I know I wil be fine with a newborn and even into the 3-4 years old. That's when she left. Ive had a miscarriage so it makes it worse when I see people who have children. Im just waiting. It's killing me though lol. I'm not a patient person lol

I know how you feel. Me and my boyfriend are planning to get marrid and i want a baby, but i dont know if he does and im afraid that he doesnt want one so iv never asked :( might approch him about it soon

find a family member or close friend with a fussy newborn, and see if they will let you "Observe for a night" seeing reality can help. Also really thinking and or writing down what it would actually mean to have a child at your age. Would it be too much for your bf? Would he stay even though he couln't go out and party with his friends he's probably have to drop out of school quite any dream he had and get a crap job to provide for the child... Would he do it? You'd have to lose your dreams for a while too. either drop out of school or pay for daycare or something. Couldn't go to prom, get any nice things for a while. Lose a lot of your friends due to you being "busy" as a mom while they just want to have fun. You will always wish you waited even though you'd love that baby to pieces. Take it from a women who has worked in child care since I was 12 and have always loved kids! I've been married 5 years and want a child desperately, but I want one the right way! I live with my mother in law and am trying to get financially stable enough to have a child. Sure I could get on wic, live in the projects, and barely scrape by with a cute little baby to love me as I cry over not being able to pay my bills. But I deserve better, so do you, and so do our future babies! Wanting is ok, looking at baby stuff is ok, getting a childcare job is awesome you can play with kids all day and send them home to their parents at the end of the day!! You can do it!

Take a long time to think it over before you have one, once you have a child your life will change. You can't go out with your friends as much as you'd like, you have to buy things for the child and it ends up costing you lots. If you plan on travelling, its much easier to do it without a child. even post secondary schooling.. I know the feeling of wanting a child, I want one badly. I'm a step mom and already my life has changed a lot. One day you will be a mommy when your ready!