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When I was 14 I was told I had about a thirty percent chance of being able to carry a baby full term. When I was 16 I was in a wreck that reduced those chances to ten percent. It's so hard for me to be around other women who have this amazing ability to be pregnant and have children. It's even harder when I see mother's who obviously never wanted their children. In the last year, some of the scar tissue on my uterus and cervix have disappeared. The doctors can't explain it and I can't believe it. I had almost accepted the fact that I would never have children and suddenly I'm being told that I have better odds of being able to. Now the dream, which I had ignored for so long, is back full force and I want a child so bad. I really want multiple children. I'd love to have three of my own and adopt a few, but we'll see what the future has in store. As it is, I still only have a fifty percent chance, according to the doctors, of being able to carry a baby full term.

I love children. I have a niece and nephew and one more niece on the way. I see what joy they are to my brothers and I can't wait to experience all of that myself. Even if I have to adopt a child in order to experience it.

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1 Response May 25, 2008

i feel your need, i have pcos and our chances of getting pregnant without a whole bunch of treatments are low, i also am dying to have a child a lil girl her name will be sarah mikayla, i can just see her :o) i wish you the best!

I can really relate because I have PCOS too. I'm happily married and we're desperate for a baby... I have faith that it will happen when the time is right. I have to have faith or else I'd give up completely. Hugs x