I know I'm still to young to have children but Iv always wanted children. Ever since that day when I went to the mall by myself when I was 12 I wanted kids, everywhere I walked I saw happy families, smiling, laughing and even a brother and sister play ing tag. I just felt so alone and so hollow. I never had a complete family before, I was either with my mom or my dad but I was mostly with my dad.
Then I saw something that actually made me cry, I saw a woman with a baby in her arms, she was talking to it telling it how much she loved it and that she would never let any harm come to it. ( I'm only calling it a it cuz I can't remember what gender the baby was) i sat there and listened to the woman telling her child all those things, and that's when I thought of my children that I would have in the future. I made a vow that day, i vowed that I wouldn't let anything happen to them but most importantly I vowed that I would give them the love my parents never have me.
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1 Response Sep 1, 2014

I am sorry you feel that way dear, have you try to talk to your parents about how you feel? I am sure they love you, parents love their child no matter what! Is nature dear, maybe they dont know how to let you know their feelings, having a child won't change what you feel,first as you said you will love that child, then you need to prepare yourself for that day, take the opportunity of finish school get a profession and educate yourself how to care for a child, babies are super expensive they eat, need diapers, doctor and a full-time mom, so if you wait to get married and be a profecional that baby and you will be happy because you will be able to provide and care for him or she, now enjoy your years, get busy at school, sports, art, sometimes you like find love in relative like grandma, teachers, aunties etc, you are not alone :)

I see you are a young responsible big sister, is great that you know all those things but why thinking having a child at this age, you have sooo much time as I said a profession is super important this days, we as woman, mother's etc have to have something to back us up, never think that is the father of our children are present is gonna be forever, we never know, so our children always will have mom or dad to love us and provide for them, I said this to you, cuz I see so many girls doing that mistake and later on they regresar and the poor children suffer, it is not fair, I also come from a divorce family my dad left when I was 4 years old I know how it feels, now I am a mother of 2 my boy 12 and my daughter 7 I I talk to them a lot like I am doing now to you, is good you talk to your parents even if they are divorced, in separate times you can do it, we as parent don't divorce our children we love them the same, remember that,; each of us parents love our children dearly :) even if we don't have them with us.