Walk Around Naked

I love to walk outside naked at night or get the mail .I wish I didnt have to worry about getting caught that it was the norm. I went out to get the newspaper nude today and quite often lately
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4 Responses Jul 13, 2010

The most I have ever dared to do was turn out all the lights then slip out the front door to throw something in the garbage can, which sits right next to the front door.

I live on a very busy street near a junior and senior high school so I can't get the mail because it is delivered about 9:00am but I do sometimes get the paper off the porch nude during the early morning hours. It comes between 3 and 5 am.

Whenever I can I try to be naked, but legal considerations are a pain. StI'll, the positive hasn't complained when I answer the door.

I have done that in the day time as well but rather dangerous I have hidden in the pine trees a few times I also have gone out in skimpy underware or a sorong evin a fish net thay you can see through though you would have to pay attention and the roads to bissy and fast and if they want to see I have no problem with that?