No Expectations. Just Reaching Out.

I've only had one comment on a story and it was two words long, like the person was sure of me already. I don't want judgement. I know there are patterns in people...obviously, I'm a psychology student. But I suspend all judgment. To me we are just beings. There are no expectations.

I even made a group. One person did join in on it a little bit...but I want to be a member of this community...not just another blade of grass in a field of people who need comfort and aren't getting any. I'm reaching out, introducing myself in various ways through my experiences - to all of you all over this website. ...It's a great concept and I want to be involved.


So, hello! It's great to meet you!

Anitcha Anitcha
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Thank you for your comment musha<br />
& yes about the matrix, the real matrix is just this field of energy we and all that we perceive exists in.... and it's just the fact that what we perceive isn't really what is. Are brains are that computer. And I agree with you that a lot of people who do the drug & alcohol thing are trying to experience something beyond themselves. That's certainly why I want to do dmt... But I also know that I can change this reality simply by believing it's possible.

Interesting you write with so much wisdom beyound your years take it from me that you are going to go far bacause of the question ,yes I quoting but you will probably know it the question"what is the matrix?" yes I know wtf right maybe maybe not but the matrix is real if you change one thing and one thing only the computers is the mass collective conscious.another comment many people including myself have done the alcohol/drug thing with drastic consequences and believe me when I tell you more often than not it can end BADLY,but there a reason why people usie they trying to open up to a spiritual experience,but using is like riping a door open with a crow bar open sure you get to new destination but you had too damage something along the way there are better ways to open the door and believe me is more in all directions mushabutty

It's great to meet you too :)