What Do You Think About My New Watch?

Actually I don't have a watch, but now that you're here...


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Yeah society is a strange place, people really are afraid of what they don't understand. People keep asking me if I'm going to the xmas part tonight, and I say no, 'I'm not a party person'<br />
(Besides the fact it's a big corporate ****** of free booze and pro-business thinking) <br />
and they look at me as though It's perplexing that a young man should not be a party person. All I can do is say it's not my thing, as it is not, I would clam up and feel uncomfortable to the ninth degree. Does everyone in business have to be an alcoholic party person social-butterfly with the ability to forget dreams and work for the companies own goals? Actually... yeah I think they do, at least the 'best' of them anyway.

I was draped over a chair watching a DVD trying to unwind with the aircon blowing cool air at me. <br />

I love how business dance around words, everything has to be respectful in the official setting... but listen to the bosses in their free-time and you hear them talking complete shi*t about employees, and mocking the bosses above them. Surely all this repression is bad for a person? <br />
On the other hand you can’t be completely comfortable around bosses you might think of friends, in the right setting they can quote you to achieve their own goals. I have been the victim of this…on the last warning I received there were direct quotes in quotation marks regarding my feelings about my work.

She sounds rude. tell her to Shove Off.

I wish I could plead for things at work. They hate me here, about an hour ago I passed a big-boss, I smiled and raised my eyebrows politely while saying 'Hi', she made eye contact and then looked right past me and said 'Oh Hi Karen!'<br />
I made a heavy tisk sound. I knew she didn't like me, but isn't business about pretending to be polite? Surely she could go to the trouble of pretending...

an hour ago...this. Damn...

You don't mean Richard Dawkins do you?

The same!<br />
Phones because I'm at work, and unfairness because I'm at work.<br />
But how can I be sure of your honesty? Do you have a certificate? Because you deserve one.

an hour ago i was fuming with phones and unfairness. where were you?