Honesty is not alot to ask for, and my distrust is very expensive.

My apologies for the above misquote, but the inaccuracy fit what I am trying to say.  The real quote is:
Our distrust is very expensive.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Unless I think my comment/response may hurt someone, I too commit to being honest.

We don't know each other, there is no reason for being anything else.

Don't try to dazzle me with your brilliance or baffle me with your bullshit.

I trust everyone (to my own detriment) until I'm given a reason not to.  Please, please, please don't give me a reason not to. Life is too short to spend any of it on dis-trust and dis-honesty.

 If you don't know me why would you want to hurt me? So, please don't. I've been hurt enough by people I thought liked and loved me.
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nice and simple

Isn't that, really, all it needs to be, 'nice and simple'? So much else in life can be complicated, the things we can control should be 'nice and simple'.

Thanks for your comment.

I came to EP to respect people of like mind. Hopefully, I have not, and will not, hurt anyone.

Thank you. For me it's the people that intentionally mislead and hurt that I truly don't understand.

Well, I have learned that I understand very little. No maglignant intent here ever. I can't promise that I am always as careful of others as I should be.

Thanks for the warning. If I should become upset by something you've said I'll ask you about it before I make an assumption. You do the same with me. OK with you?

Always, always tell me if you think I'm out of line.

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Thanks CJ, I'm glad that we're all still on here and able to share.

Thanks for sharing very touching !!!! God Bless !!!!

Thanks for your support! Cheers!

EP is suppose to be a safe place to share your experiences to learn and help each other. Dishonesty destroys the whole concept. I am here to share with others and understand myself better as well as my situations. I'm new but so far have met several friends who have been more than helpful. <br />
<br />
Merry Christmas to all!

It's such a simple thing, isn't it? Yet I had found two very, very good liars on here and both in the first few months of my membership - and they hurt me, just so the could bolster their egos. I've found other inconsequential liars but don't have time for their nonsense. If I find anybody being dishonest, in any way, I just remove them.<br />
I'm more than happy fostering, nurturing and protecting the special relationships I have with my few closest friends. For me it's about quality, not quantity.

sendittome, I thank you in advance for your honesty and frankness.<br />
<br />
Merry Christmas!!

It's not just lying but lying by omission as well.<br />
I really don't care why they choose to be that way, they're only sinking deeper into their own mire.<br />
I just wish they would leave me out of it.