Where Would Be Some Interesting Places to Make Love

I am wondering where the most interesting places you have had or fantasize about making love.

I once thought about the pitchers mound at the park. After hours of course but I never quite made that one happen.
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Nothing like dark and quite to start a good round of romping.

I love mountain tops, surrounded by wide open terrain.. sunset and a smoltering campfire to keep the naked skin warm (the exposed side ;) a babbling brook nearby would make a nice addition<br />
<br />
Beach sex is a bit cliche for me and gritty too.

That may be the best answer yet. lol

You have a valid point my friend. : )

Logs are hard if they aren't the right hight and they could be rough on the back as well.

lol we mentioned it now. : )<br />
Thanks for sharing.... : )

Did the airport parking garage thing. : )

Ok did the pitchers mound thing and it was in the rain... not to bad at the time. LOL<br />
<br />
used to work for an airport hotel and security had access to the roof of the revolving rooftop restaurant... would love to do it there with the planes coming in and the ppl in the control tower as the audience...

On a balcony in a hotel overlooking Disney World...from behind (heh-heh). <br />
<br />
I think that's why they call it "The Happiest Place On Earth"...

Challenging....<br />
<br />
In the doctors office while waiting for the doctor to come into the room.

Nice. HC. : )<br />
<br />
On someone else's boat at the dock. : 0

Still would be a quickie if you asked me.

We should find a real slow one. : )

Nice thinking. That could be done. Would have to be a quickie though. : )

In a car wash.

Ferris Wheel would be fun. : )

on the top of a ferris wheel!!!<br />
under the stars!<br />
but above all ppl!!!

Sounds nice WOO, To bad it is on the other side of the world.

*rolls eyes*

You do look familiar to me....

Oh I figured you would want the details.

I heard about someone hanging from a ceiling fan with a...... I better not tell this one. Sorry

lol very good examples of naughty and nice findinme. TY

OMG. I came back to comment but looks like I totally lost the thread here :-)<br />
Real life...outside a club up against an old pickup truck.<br />
Fantasy...naughty or nice?<br />
Nice ...in a nice cozy igloo in the middle of no where.<br />
Naughty...In a birdcage above a bar room floor

Maybe once or twice. : )

*looks around for the police* keeps wiggling*<br />
This is so wrong.

*wiggling worm* Here fishy fishy fishy....

Your a genius HELLCAT...

I think she is hiding. But I know where to find her. : )

LOL Thanks HELLCAT. I got one of those. Here fishy fishy fishy...

Got to figure how to get past the light bulb though.

Monkeys and kittens getting it on...better than Alpacas...monkeys have thumbs.

I may pin a fishy here in a few weeks. lol

what are the two round spots close to the front end?<br />
Never mind. I guess I got to was this hood now. *sigh*

What the hell happened to my car? Is that a snow monkey angel?

Dirt angles hummm. I like that idea too.

Sex in the rain. This is something I believe a lot of women have mentioned in the past. It has to be a warm rain. : )

The hood of the car on a dirt road on the mountains.<br />
either in the spring or the fall....

Fantasy---with a handsome stranger in a very public place.

Nice visual. : )

On a full dresser ( Harley) going down the road.

In an incredibly dewy, remote field with the northern lights as a magnificent back drop. The best on record, to date.

ok I think I might get one to walk into the waterfall with me this summer. : )

Is there a space behind the waterfall? No spiders or snakes and rocks just smooth enough to lay on without bruising.

I have water falls I just can't trick a woman into getting under one.

Problem with elevators is that stupid bell alarm. <br />
<br />
Anyone know how to shut that thing off?

i have no phobia tia, but i bet its a great distraction anyway<br />
<br />
smebro, i'm adding under a waterfall to my 'where to do it' list.

Under a waterfall, perhaps not that creative but it was fun.

sex in an elevator. i never have, but its on my 'where to do it' list

right in front of everyone [but secretly]<br />
<br />
my husband and i did that once at a family members house. i was sitting on his lap and i was wearing a skirt. we had to stay quiet though so no one would know. we got away with it and it was super fun and super hot.....

I had a friend who had sex with his wifes best friend in there living room while his wife was asleep in the bed room.

In a van with bucket seats while driving 120 miles and hour.<br />
<br />
That is a good ride.

Sure! <br />
Make it a double, since it is long distance, please!

I've done it in a hospital ward.

Well, this brought back memories... Let's see...<br />
<br />
* During a hurricane, down in south LA, (outside)<br />
* On a swing, at the local playground, ( back when we were kids )<br />
* On a golf course, ( we got busted on that one )<br />
* On the front porch of a supposedly haunted house, ( on a dare, when we were kids )<br />
* In a cemetery<br />
* So many places outside, that I've lost count over the years<br />
* On a washing machine, ( we have a "tradition" of "christening" all the rooms in a new house/apt )<br />
* In the shower<br />
* On the hood of a 65' Ford Galaxy<br />
* Up against a "mangrove tree", behind a sand dune, down in the islands<br />
* Lot of times in water, ( ocean, lakes, streams, pool, hot tub... )<br />
* On a desk at work<br />
* On his tool box<br />
* Kitchen counter<br />
* On a ride at Disney<br />
<br />
<br />
That's about all that I can remember, right now. Yes, all are real experiences, and all with the same guy. ( We've been together since we were 14 and 15. ) I always thought I was kind of boring. But, as I read over this, checking my spelling, I am rethinking my "status". Being married is FUN!!!

I am fairly sure that "you" are "all" of the above. I am fairly sure that you are many different people, and animals. It takes one to know one.<br />
<br />
Sometimes, we need time to think.

Are they masculine? <br />
<br />
I am fairly sure that I know what you are...

That is what I hear.

It must be true, if he said so on the internet....

Yeah...I kind of like him. I would like to do it at the observatory during the light show...or under the Hollywood sign...that would be cool. I like bathroom sex, too.

NB seems to have found a way to link everything...and yes, it would be the most fun fort you could evr imagine...

Under the dining room table draped with blankets, made to look like a tent.

It's all about sharing awakening. : ) Give....<br />
<br />
I like the tree across the river thing.

: )

April 22nd...Let us know how it goes mello:)

That was creative Mello, Winder when the next meteor shower will be? : )

I think I will make the home run this summer. : )

How bout in the Airport parking lot?

I just realized you could do something on every base then it would give new meaning to the term home run. : )

In the desk...Damn, Blue. You are kinky, and nubile...

Work is always a good place. On the Bosses desk is a good place.

I guess I did at that. : ) This is a great start. lol

The Tilt-A-Wheel? That would be interesting.