*** For Lunch

I have always been a sissy. But a classmate in 7th grade really picked up on it. Don't quite know how it happened but he soon had my hand in his fly. Then one day,he took me by the hand into restroom stall. He sat on the john and had me kneel between his legs. He told me to unzip him and pull out his organ. I did and played with it for awhile. He then taught me to blow him. when he held my head and came in my mouth, i came in my pants. he told me to swallow. From then on at lunchtime ,i blew him. Actually looked forward to lunch.
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My first taste of a **** came in 5th grade. I was a sissy in school and a couple of the yard bullys cornered me in the bathroom and made me suck them. I didn't get to taste their *** back then and I have ended up waiting until very recently to try sucking **** again. I have a friend that comes by about once a month now, and I'll put on one of my pretty dresses and I suck his **** for him. I have grown to like the taste of ***. Even my own. I love wearing pretty dresses with frilly panties. And, every now and then, a diaper. I am retired so I get to dress just about every day. Stay pretty, girl,

i like that and do the same as you until today daily wish to take *** forlunch deep hot long shoting in throa th

Such a good girl ! Releaving those young boys of all that built up ***. Thats a tasty , high protein lunch too !

Growing up in a small town I was always scared that it would get out that I wanted to "do" a boy. The thought of my family knowing this always kept me for proceeding.

that is part of what makes you such a good sissy gurl,,, <br />
<br />
tending to the need of others,,,,,like me!!

such a wonderful friend kayeal

I like wearing silk knickers all the time now.<br />
I am not sure about sucking other *****, but I have an open mind now.<br />
I would not mind having mutual wanking sessions with someone that I knew well.<br />
Although my Wife gives me a very good **** every Morning now and has improved hugely at this aspect over the last 40 years.We have 8 children that have all left home and my Wife just loves wanking me silly every Morning, I do not know why she does it, but I like it.

Who wouldn't like that. I sure would. My wife wanks me every so often but has never made me ***. I have often wondered what *** tasted like and could never bring myself to taste mine. I may just have to do it so I know what I may be missing. My wife and I will be celebrating our 23rd aniversary next week and our sex life is the best it has ever been. We are now able to talk sex. She still is a little hessitant but I am getting her to open up. The more I open up the more she does. We also love panty shopping together. Great fun.

i like to suck hot horney **** and let *** full my mouth i like taste of protien goes hot from a ****

Good fun at school, I had a friend at school that taught me how to **** real good in the boys toilets.<br />
Then for a whole summer holidays most days we would cycle out the countryside and **** each other at least twice, ie Morning and Afternoon, we were both about 14 years of age.<br />
Then my friend had the idea that I wear big silk knickers,preferably pink and he would **** me even better and I would enjoy it even better, wow he was right, I always found it peculiar that he did not want to wear big silky knickers, I have been wearing silk panties or knickers ever since, it is amazing how an experience when you are young sticks for life.<br />
I still get excitement out of silk.

i like make sex in restroom