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Be willing to wear kilt like skirts if they were acceptable in society. I did wear a sarong when u was vacationing in bali
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

Kilts are becoming more accepted in the United States as well. I see more people in them every day. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and have noticed even here in Bellingham, that there are several young men that wear kilts on a regular basis. I have seen several college age men in there utility kilts about town, nobody even bats an eye. I actually over heard a young boy at the store today asking his mother to get him a "skirt" like that man over there is wearing.

Kilts are by and large acceptable in society. I am in the UK and wear Skirts/kilts full time., with very little adverse comment. I have found that the more am seen about in skirts the more acceptable it has become. <br />
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The only thing stopping us men from wearing skirts is the fear of the reaction we may get from others. That fear is more in the mind than in reality. <br />
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It is a chicken and egg situation. Men don't wear skirts because they don't see others wearing them. The other men don't wear skirts because they don't see you wearing them. <br />
We have to have the courage to be a leader of fashion and not a follower.