Ep Newsletter-June 25th

Welcome to this week's Experience Project Newsletter, featuring amazing stories from everyday people.

I Want To Say This To My Dad
I Made It

My father was completely disassociated from everything...When he got home from the office he sat and played solitaire, never speaking or interacting with the family...[Read more] By newdaydogEP

I The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly - Characters I Have Known
Aunt Mary Was A Meanie

Aunt Many was a bit of a religious fanatic...When Aunt Mary came to visit, we all suffered...I never saw her smile. Twice she tried to burn the house down...[Read more] By frito414

I Believe the Kindness of a Stranger Is a Great Gift

Words from a Stranger

A show of courtesy or a loving action that flows from a compassionate heart...the smile and friendly words of a stranger have the power to re-empower another...[Read more] By WhiteRoseChild

I Just Can't Believe Someone Named Their Child-
Funny Names

I asked my brother, who's wife is pregnant again, this time with a girl, if they were going to name her Ammo. He shrugged...[Read more] By EffectsHer
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Interesting Idea. I check out the links.