Ep Newsletter- July 26th

Welcome to this week's Experience Project Newsletter, featuring amazing stories from everyday people.

I Believe Family Is Very Important

Not Your Typically TV Family

Maybe I watched too much TV as a kid, but I have always had this impossible dream in my mind of a family...Of a mother and a father and some kids [that] laugh together...[Read more] By onceandfutureglow

I Am a Child Abuse Survivor

A Book Saved My Life

My room, desk, and papers may look like a complete mess to an untrained eye, but my thoughts and memories are always preserved with a flawless method...[Read more] By sweetmeisje

I Want to Help People
That Happy Feeling

It was lunch time and I was sitting at the table listening to music. Then an old woman came in...She wanted to eat [but could only pay]...[Read more] By iameliza

I Love Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
The Perfect Grilled Cheese

I had my first real grilled cheese when I was little, in a restaurant in a small town not far from us...I promised to be my best friends maid of honor over a grilled cheese sandwich...[Read more] By honeysuckle23

I Will Absolutely Erase Your Snarky Comments

Being a Single Parent

My daughter is now 9 years old...While watching a movie she saw a hairstyle that intrigued her...She climbed into my lap and said she wanted me to do her hair that way. She said this as if I had some instinctive, primal knowledge...she said this as if there was no way that I could fail her...[Read more] By patientalpha
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Aug 12, 2010