Ep Newsletter- August 2nd

Welcome to this week's Experience Project Newsletter, featuring amazing stories from everyday people.

I Have Flown An Airplane
Age Is Just a Number

I have the great fortune of knowing this 75-year old-woman who is nothing short of a firecracker. When she was younger she joined the military and started to jump out of planes. At some point...[Read more] By Linxer

I Admire Inner Beauty

Ugly Duckling

I was told as a kid that I was ugly. My peers used to make fun of me because my skin was too dark, my lips [and eyes] too big...[Read more]

I Am a Single Mother
Going Strong

I've been a single mother since November 2008. I have three marvelous children who always keep me on my toes...My son is very stubborn and hard-headed but so amazingly stealth at being sneaky, that I can only admire him....[Read more] By kaytiej

I Still Color

My Secret Obsession

When I color I am free. I have a whole drawer filled with crayons that nobody is aloud to touch! I get the poster size coloring books and just go crazy with them...[Read more] By RodsCupcake

I Have An Unmedicated Bipolar Mother
What To Do Next?

I have always known things with my mother were not normal but now that I have been asked by family members [whether] I think she is bipolar I really don't know what to do...[Read more] By Jewelz7
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Aug 12, 2010