Moments/People That Shape Our Lives


Throughout our lives we encounter people and events that impact us in various ways and change the course of our lives.  It’s the deep relationships we build with family and friends and the mere moments we share with strangers when we enter an elevator, visit the post office, or take a flight, that when piece together makes us who we are.

Read about people and events that have impacted the lives of our members and share your story as well.

Impacted Lives  
”I've had a few people that have come and gone in my life, and because
of their presence they have forever changed me. I think people often
underestimate the impact you can have on someone's life.  I can say
that I have had a few very influential people in my life. Even if they
don't find their permanent home with me in either a friendship or
relationship their company is something that I will never forget or
regret.  Some of them have loved and hurt me. Some of them have
brought brightness to my life with their mere presence. Some have
inspired and drove me to be a better version of myself…”

The Journey

“Most people don't realize that in the vast majority of domestic adoptions these days, the birth mother chooses the adoptive parents; not the agency…Our lives were condensed to an 8-10 page "book", as we competed with all the other "books" out there for attention.  It's like high school all over again; wondering why you aren't being picked…we got "the call"…I can't describe the feelings when she brought him in and placed him in our arms.  It still makes me cry to think about the sacrifice [the birth mother] made.  She truly became a part of our family in a few short weeks and she entrusted us with the most precious gift of all - her child...”

Just the Two of Us
”We went to bed, fed, medicated and happy with each other. His snoring was just as usual, keeping me awake as it was so loud.  Sometime during the early morning hours he stopped snoring--aha, I thought, now I can get some sleep...At a quarter to seven I got up like I always do and went to the bathroom.  When I came back I sat on the bed and reached over to wake him. He was dead…I don't feel numb.  I feel pain…I pull myself up and I get dressed, even if I don't want to--I do it anyway.  I eat and drink even if I don't want to, I talk to people when they talk to me and I do all the things I need to get done--even if I don't know why I bother.  Even if I don't know what it was all for...”

“Maybe I didn't see the water puddle or maybe I did but didn't think about it. So I was going about 60mph, hit the water puddle and hydroplaned across the lanes. I don't know why I jerked the car, but I did. It spun around in the road and was heading for the trees. My friend wasn't wearing her seatbelt. Neither was I. I saw her get in a fetal position. We hit a sign, then a tree, and then we flipped and landed on the driver’s side. I remember shutting my eyes and feeling the airbag bust out but after that I don't remember anything. That is up until I woke up a minute or so later to find my friend unconscious in my lap…”

Cookie Accident
”Last night, my 2 year old and my wife were making chocolate chip cookies together.  My 2 year old was sitting back on the counter so she wouldn't fall off but could still help with the ingredients.  Well our cabinets were right next to her head so I told her to be careful of the corners.  Well of course you know what happened.  During the cooking process, I heard a thump and I knew right off she hit her head.  (A dad’s instinct I guess.)  So I looked over and I asked her if she was ok.  She looked at me with her beautiful face and said "yes"....but then her eyes started to water…”


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