Show Your Love and Appreciation

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's time for us to celebrate love! 

Whether or not you've been fortunate enough to find your soulmate, this is an opportunity to celebrate and show your appreciation for ALL those you love including friends, family and even dear pets.    

Let EP members know you care by sending a virtual gift or one of our featured Valentine's Day greeting cards!

Write an EP love letter and share your affection for the special people of your past and present!

My Mr. Perfect

“My husband is not romantic.  He doesn't do sweet things for me very often.  He is not amazing.  But geez, I love my guy.  He's not very good at the small things for love (no flowers, no sweet notes, doesn't surprise me with dinner, no moonlit picnics or hand holding), but he's right there on the big things…”

Never Forgotten

“For well over two decades we constantly walked hand-in-hand and literally trusted each other with our lives.  She was my life…Together, in one way or another, since 2nd/3rd grade we moved all over the country before finding ourselves right back where we started.  Fate had our relationship sealed in stone…”

Don’t Tell My Wife

“My dog is my best friend.  I'm married and my wife is also my best friend, but sometimes I just like spending time with the puppy.  She's happy to do whatever I want to do, whenever I want to do it, and she doesn't ask many questions.  She also has no expectations except that I come home every afternoon to be with her…”

Ripped Away

“We weren't married, but we may as well have been. I love her with all my heart and she felt the same way about me. One day in November of 2007 the love of my life was admitted into the hospital and just a few days later she passed away…Marriage would have been perfect, but I've found that no one is allowed to have perfect and when you get close it gets ripped away from you for no apparent reason.  I love her with all my heart…”

Mistaken For Honeymooners

“My husband and I are often mistaken for newlyweds and I can understand why. Wherever we go we hold hands or walk arm in arm. In restaurants we lean close and giggle often. In the supermarket we sing to music and joust with new mops…But actually we've been married 10 years. It's hard to remember a time without him, without "us". And yet some times this love feels brand new…”

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