Moments That Make Our Hearts Race

"My eyes are always seeking out adventure, seeking out wonderful things. Vibrant colors, fires, excitement. You never know what you'll see when you look out the window on a short/long car ride." EP Member:  LylaRocks

There are moments that stand out in our lives and often they are the moments that make our hearts race.

This week’s selection features stories about helping those in need, first kisses, and near death experiences.  Each is wonderful in its own unique way and may even cause your heart to race. 

Stolen Laundry

“Like every Sunday morning I got up and dragged my butt to the laundry mat.  I was standing there folding my laundry when a chick about my age came up to me and asked if I had a little girl.  I said yes.  Then she asked me where she could find sleepers for 24-month size.  I told her to go to Target because they usually have them, or Children's Orchard, a second hand store for kids…Come to find out she was at the laundry mat the weekend before, and it was super busy.  She said she had loads in different areas all over the mat, and at some point someone took all of her little girl’s clothes.”

Berries and Kisses

“This woman guarded her yard with a pellet gun and many a kid felt the sting in there behind from her deadly aim. Well this little girl Dorothy told me if I would climb the fence and go in there and get her a handful of berries that she would give me a kiss. She did not even finish saying that when I was across the yard and filling my hand with the booty that would pay for the prize that I treasured! I gave her the berries and she gave me that wonderful magical kiss that would last me the rest of my life. As I finished that magical kiss I heard a terrible thing.”

Deadly Climb

“I was standing on a narrow ledge and needed to turn around….I slipped from lack of a decent foothold and slid down and in the space of a couple seconds found myself hanging on the ledge by my hands, just like the movies.  The feeling at that moment is very hard to express in words. It was at this moment as I was spidered against the side of this sheer rock face that I faced the decision of having to do something, and the second I decided to make a move, I would very possibly fall and die.

High School Reunion

“My High School class was having their 30th reunion. I'd recently read about another girl who had attended hers as her femme self and in a moment of bravery decided to do the same…I drove myself to the hotel where the event was being held , parked and made it as far as the front entrance before I started to lose my nerve. Now you have to understand that my class was huge, 350 plus, and prior to this I'd never been out as Cynthia in front of more than about a dozen people. I started to pace back and forth in front of the hotel chain smoking as I tried to work up the nerve to go inside.”

Three Words

“This story could be about anything with such a title but it's a far cry from everyday news…I am living on what Doc's called, "Borrowed Time".  Every time I see a solider anywhere, I am going to stand and clap, and probably cry. Every time I see a mother or father spending time with a child, I am [going to] stop to help…


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