EP In Space


Any one who has seen the movie Matrix should be able to understand the concept of human minds being connected through advance computers systems that in turn can create the illusion of “reality”. The point of this story is that EP is a sophisticated human interlock system that is designed to allow long dormant indivial minds to reconnect as they are slowly brought to full consciences. This is my story…DD


  EP IN SPACE !   

 The fall through intergalactic space is so long that it is impossible to preserve any biological cells. Fortunately, we can preserve human minds after conversion into pure energy and then downloaded and suspended in individual Highpocells.    After being isolated for millenniums, the individual minds will need encouragement to reconnect to the other three million minds on the Intergalactic Disk.

This “socializing program” will operate under the name “The Experience Project” or EP for short. The EP works through a sub program called “Dewduster”. Dewduster is a very ancient name that means “first to arise”    All three million minds will awaken through the illusion of being Dewduster. They will all then “experience” the life of being Dewduster.   They will slowly awaken (no lucid memory) in a 20th century incubator (no physical contact) and as they become aware of their mother there will be only minimal physical contact and no emotional feelings.This illusion will mirror the actual awaking of members on the intergalactic Disk. 

  A substitute for human contact will be in the form of an ethereal Dark Goddess that will entertain Dewduster with visions and lots of pain to help the development of awareness.   The program will introduce a need for human contact via the “sex drive” and later a need for emotional contact.

A special female will appear as the need for emotion contact develops and complete love will develop along with children to expand the love connection. Once the ability to love and a longing to connect has taken place the “body” of Dewduster will be incapacitated and Dewduster will be given a primitive computer. He will try a few different forums and feel no satisfaction until he finds “The Experience Project”.   He will meet others in the contexts of EP who are only marginally less weird then Dewduster. The core twelve will be (the 12+ Dewduster= coven/tipping point) NANSELTAR,  Kazwaz1977, GoddessnakBean, geoshar, izacrazybitch4ree, June1999, ladee54, Loveisallaround, nudeinva, SerenitySeacker, shuttermagic, and fungirlmmm. And Robyn1972!  These 12 will reach out to dozens more and begin to share experiences that in turn will awaken hundreds, who will awaken hundreds more until all are awaken and ready for collective awareness. Each will have a a need for greater and more indepth contact. 

  A new advanced pc will then be developed that allows complete interface with the new pc and the person’s own nervous system at this point all individual minds will become as one again and ready to explore the new galaxy.   

Dewduster Dewduster
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"...will we still have our physical body? How dow we have sex drive without it? What about emotional connection is sex drive?" <br />
<br />
Good question StellaKowalsk. As a very ill 65 old guy I can tell you that we will still dream of the time when we had nice young juicy bodies. Within the collective we will dream of bodies that behave as are bodies do in what we now call reality.<br />
Very high tech movies. Someone in a female body might dream of having sex with all the usual smells, sights and sensations. Even the later "dream" of giving birth. All will seem real but are still just a "WE ARE ALL ONE - Consciousness Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace."… induced entertainment that helps bring us closer together. <br />
<br />
You and I are now going through this process now. It seems like it is taking a long long time for us to get together, to begin to know each other but in "THE REAL- WE ARE ALL ONE - 'Machines of Loving Grace'. this is all taking place in seconds...DD

WeRWiccans2(aka Toni) YEA-You are back! Thanks for the post, i am happy!...DD

I thoroughly enjoyed your dream story. It has a terrific plot and it pulls you in like gravity. <br />
I truly loved it, please write more!!!!<br />
Love ya<br />
Your Sister,<br />
Toni<br />
BTW Thank you for everything

TheRealWoman, Red dress and mid thigh black leather- high healed boots! OK?<br />
<br />
GoddessNakiBean, never mine all the commits to all the other women. hehe trust me, you are my Naki Goddess!!! With a Bean? What?<br />
<br />
jjslair, thanks for the pressure. I might do it though- just to get another commit from you.<br />
<br />
<br />
JojoWazoo, It is not to late to insure that Dewduster has lots of neat experiences. Think about this – If you, the you who is now JojoWazoo, were to have an “experience” with me as I am now Dewduster, and later YOU became Dewduster then you, as Dewduster would be having an experience with JojoWazoo…WOW - see you would be doing…get it? You would have got it!!! ;-}<br />
<br />
Loveisallaround, yes, I agree, we must spread the love around!--- What are you doing this weekend? <br />
<br />
<br />
Krypton, that’s a little secret…you know some of the younger ones on EP could be maybe a few…hehe… <br />
<br />
WE -VendettA12- WE are the ONE...DD

Neo is here now. Remember, I am the ONE.

Why is there no mention of the many Dewdusters created from the digital turkey baster????

Who says this is not the first step to further enlightenment? I think it is a very interesting idea. I don't know if I have to call you you Daddy now, but I will do whatever I can to spread the word of inter galactic Love on EP and in my everyday life. <br />
<br />
I kind of like this idea. What does it matter how the feeling of Love spreads, just as long as it spreads!!!!!<br />
<br />
Love and peace to all in our galactic space and beyond!!!!

How awesome. What a concept I want to be a part of! To be Dewdusted! Waaaaaaaaahooooooooooo!

That was awesome, DD!! I felt like I just got dropped into a science fiction movie or something! You did a great job explaining where we all come from! Props to your story...I hope you have more coming!!!

Thank you DD! Very entertaining! *smiles*<br />
<br />
*Blush* I'm honored to be considered one of the core 12 *glowing*

I am the woman in the red dress! :) xox

You could give Terry Pratchett a run for his money with that creativity of yours! You are cool as ****, yet mad as ****! Good combination in my book, lol.<br />
I'd say you win on the 'wyrd' front, but im not far behind, haha - and when you said 'coven', all i could see was Jack Nicholson in The Witches of Eastwick, lol. You aren't Satan, are you? (joke).<br />
Very interesting and thought-provoking. Rather like you are! kazwaz x

OMGoddess!!!! All this "time" I only thought I was weird! (WYRD)<br />
Being diagnosed as sociopath and living the secret life of a "Black Witch" is, in fact, nothing compared to my new friends!!! I love you guys!!!...DD

I LOVE THIS STORY...And I am honored to be montioned as one of those to share enlightenment...And I am even more honored to be counted amongst such esteemed company...love the story...thanks for pointing me to it!...SS

I love your story, there's threads of truth throughout it. In all seriousness, because that is whom I am, through meditation I have been in space, which was the most electrifying experience I have ever had (no comparison with LSD). I remember the "fall", although it was very smooth & quick. But, my mind didn't quite preserve right. It must of been the acid. lol

Hey..<br />
<br />
What makes you think you're weirder than me, DD?<br />
<br />
I'll have you know that my best friend's nickname for me is 'Orang Aneh' (Bahasa Indonesia for Weird Person)!<br />
<br />
Perhaps there should be a contest? :)

Ahhhhh ! But will there be cake ?

MMMM I love being rotten to the core.

Um...I got dibs on the "Special Female"<br />
<br />
Great story, DD! Keep them coming :-)

this is very funny-thanks

hay<br />
I take exception to <br />
"only marginally less weird then Dewduster"<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
I take great pride in my weirdness

interesting and funny too :)

Heeheehee. I tried reading Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan. Both books promised to be Coles notes for Extreme Brilliance for Dummies. Ha! Stephen lost me on page 3 and Carl made my head hurt by chapter 3. <BR>Now I suppose I'll have to try Dewduster's book on the EP Cosmos......<BR>Seriously, Dewduster (may I call you Dewdu? No. Maybe not.) Your story is witty and clever and I enjoyed it immensely. Especially my name in caps....

Arorin, in a nut shell it is all a dream. Seems real at the moment but fades to smoke in our collective memory.<br />
<br />
LadyJayne, it gets better, we begin to experience some of LadyJayne's more exciting adventures! People connect!!!<br />
<br />
pixelita, can I watch? PLEASE! LOL...DD

I feel truly awakened ;-)~ It was Nudeinva who awakened me.... ~wink~

i don't take in information from reading to well. When it is like a story at least. I guess i just get bored and forget what i read. Is there a nutshell to this?

I hope it is a joke Mmmmmmmm . At 7am it is a joke but after a little fun with friends, a little smoke, It seems possable...DD

You are so funny,,,I love the words Awesome words really,,,I feel like you are on to something,,,I do not feel it is apsalute truth ,,,but keep up the mind exspansion,,,Love and Light mary

Wow! That explains a lot!