Fears and Phobias


As a child you may have feared the things that lurked under your bed and in your closet.  As we've matured our fears may have changed but for many of us they still linger in one form or another.

In the stories featured below members share their fears and phobias.

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BY:  Kevin N. Murphy

A Broken Fingernail

“Ladies, if you're looking for a strong guy, a knight in shining armor with nerves of steel, well sorry to disappoint you.  That's not me at all, I'm afraid… A few years ago, I was in the kitchen, when my mum suddenly let out a horrific screech.  I didn't know what to do, I was in a panic.  I honestly believed something terrible had happened, maybe something life threatening.  'What do I do, what do I do!' I thought to myself.  Then I found out, mum had broken a fingernail!  And seconds later… I passed out in a crumpled heap on the floor…”

The Spider That Nearly Killed Me

“I almost got into a car accident once because of one of those creepy little buggers.... it must have been hiding in the visor...this ugly white spider with a fat belly...anyway, it plopped onto my hand when I was driving down a busy road and I nearly flipped!! I almost steered the car right into oncoming traffic…”

A Helping Hand


“Asking for help has always been a frightening prospect to me. The shame of failure, feelings of neediness, and fear of being an unwelcomed burden are horrifying. I'd rather suffer the consequences of my own failures than to have to deal with all of that other unpleasantness…”

Growing Old Alone


“The men in my age group seem to have more hair in their ears and nostrils then on their heads.   I feel so young inside.  I take good care of myself, and feel young on the outside also  I get so sad when I think of possibly never having another to hold me, to make love to me.  My husband was very sick before he died.  I held his hand and stayed by him till the end.  It is terrifying to think I have no one to stay by me…”

Being a Man with Anorexia

“Being a guy, people often say that it’s rare for a male to go through this, but believe me, it’s a very real concern… I developed Anorexia Nervosa, as a 17 year old.  Throughout my school life, I was never the most attractive guy, and never had a girlfriend, but I guess I could live with that.  However, one day…”


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EPArsineh EPArsineh
31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 26, 2009

As a child, of around 4 or 5yr old, i had an irrational fear of "cotton",. As a child we used to go for walks with the dog up around the mountains, (nothing unusual in that),. My mother told me if i saw, sheep wool on a fence or a piece of fluff under my bed, i would go "nuts", go into a fit and faint!,. <br />
Now, unlike, when i was younger, i fear "heights" :-( Near where i live there is an old railway bridge and it is so high, i dread go over there in the car,. The Severn Bridge between Wales and England is also a "nightmare" for me, we have to go around the world to get into England" because i can't travel over thae "bridge" :-( So it is "heights" lol :-)

Thank you! I am honored!!