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Recently EP added a new pet feature that allows you to adopt and interact with a virtual pet.  Members also have option to post picture of their own pets or create memorials for those that have been lost. 

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By:  normanack


The stories below show that there is no shortage of loving animals that have found a special place in our hearts.  Read about how these pets have saved and changed lives.

My Best Friend

“My dog is my best friend.  I'm married and my wife is also my best friend, but sometimes I just like spending time with the puppy.  She's happy to do whatever I want to do, whenever I want to do it, and she doesn't ask many questions. ..”

Saved from thoughts of Suicide

“About four years ago, when Wyatt was just 3 years old, I was at the lowest point I had ever been in my life.  After much anguish and heartache, I had decided to take my own life.  My morning started out just like all my other mornings had been starting out.  Bleak.  I took Wyatt to the vet to get him squared away with vaccinations and stuff so that no one would have to worry about that and so that he would be ok without me for a while.  I came home and played with him a little, we took a nap, and when we woke up, I began to write goodbye letters to family and friends.  I was also to go eat with a friend that evening.  I planned to go eat, and then come home and overdose on all the medication that I had accumulated…”

Caring for Cola

“We brought Cola home 13 years ago. He was a very lively little Lab/Collie cross male pup… Sometime late last year he developed a hacking cough… We just accepted that as he was getting older this might just be how his life would be. He was still a happy and contented dog…On Feb 21st things changed dramatically for the worse…”

Over Protective

My mom reached over me… and hugged me. The little [dog] in my lap barked and bit her! Daphne does not like for you to lean over me. It really bothers her…Well, my mom proceeded to act like an 8 year old…She even called her a *****, made a face at her, and told her she could never come to her house…”

The Lord of his Realm

“There has been one special cat in my life… Even though I love the cats I have now, compared to Lord Garfield, they aren't the same. … In 2003, he had a massive stroke, I found him in the backyard, he looked as if he had died in mid step.  I held his cold body and some part of me kept thinking if I could make him warm, he'd be ok.  I dug his grave under the grapevine that he loved to sleep under, I dug until my hands bled.  I laid him in his grave, then I took his collar for that would be for me to take with me, and then I took off my signet ring and l placed it upon his leg for that was his to take.  I covered him with vine leaves and filled in his grave…”

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