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One of the most valued elements of EP is it mixed community.  With members from around the world EP has a vast collection of stories on just about any topic. Regardless of your current situation you can feel comfortable knowing that there are many who can relate and are ready to offer support.


This week’s featured five celebrates EP’s eclectic collection and covers stories about online dating, child birth, exotic pets, disability and much more.


Internet Dating –The Truth Behind the Profile


“I was cautious and shy to begin with. Post divorce, I was void of a social life. Clubs and pubs reserved exclusively for the under 30's denied me the chance to get out and meet people of my peer group. The church offered up single men, still living with their mothers who never even dated, let alone be pushing for a relationship…”


Explosive Diarrhea

”So one Sunday afternoon, we're all coming back, and it's a million degrees outside, and we're all packed up in the little car. Mom dad in front, sis, the dog and me in the back, and we're all sweating away...”


The Crash that Left Me Paraplegic

“For the first month I slept a lot, dreamt a lot, and cried a lot! I still didn't know the extent of my injuries only that my son kept telling me that he had been waiting for almost three weeks for me to wake up…”


Watch What You Say!

”In 1985, a few months before I got married, I purchased and African Gray parrot, sight unseen, straight out of quarantine in California through a local breeder pal I knew.  I was told it was risky because she could have any number of diseases and might even die before she arrived to me…”


Armed with Mountain Dew


“When I was divorcing my first husband I had little money so I got a cheap lawyer. I ended up doing my own "leg work" like getting info on cars he had and where he lived...”


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2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Glad you liked the picture, Jojo. The colorful blown glass I photographed is by artist Dale Chihuly.

Those are some good, some funny stories. I love the picture you chose. it's beautiful!