Ep Newsletter - Oct. 18th

Welcome to this week's Experience Project Newsletter, featuring amazing stories from everyday people.

I Used To Be A Good Man

Something Happened

I used to be a good man. An upstanding man. A man with good morals and judgment...But something happened. I've had some changes in my life that have put me in a place that is totally unfamiliar to me...[Read more] By alteredstate

I Am Lonely

It's Just Me

I was a shy kid with one friend who then abandoned me when she realized she could do better. To be honest not much has changed...[Read more] By lonlygirl

I Live a Simple Life

The Road Of Childhood

Driving home on a long and winding country road we passed a house. [There were] chickens and geese in a little white fenced pen. A dirt yard carefully raked with pots of bright flowers and a swing set...[Read more] By Faucon

I Love to See Old Married Couples Hold Hands

The Woman I Want To Be

She stood about 5 feet and was probably in her late 70's. She had on hip stylish clothes, complete with some cool boots. She had white hair but it was done in a modern...[Read more] By Analyzer

I Battle Depression

My Youngest

My son, age 13, has been diagnosed as clinically depressed. He was always an anxious child and just more sensitive than his older sister...[Read more] By Analyzer

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Nov 10, 2009