Ep Newsletter - Feb. 1st

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I Go the Extra Mile

The Extra Mile

Once I passed my eighth-grade President's Fitness Test, I swore I'd never run again...A mere 25 years later, I hired a personal trainer to help me get back into shape. I told him...[Read more]

By Analyzer

I Use Music As Therapy For the Soul

Guitar Strings

If you were to take note of the calluses on my left hand, you could probably track my mood...When I have things on my mind, good, bad, or ambiguous my fingers start itching for my guitar...[Read more]

By onceandfutureglow

I Will Disappear and Be Forgotten


It's amazing how much can be lost or forgotten in just two or three generations. My father's been feeling especially nostalgic...We've been digging through a lot of old albums...[Read more]

By StudentofUnifyingLife

I Am In An Abusive Relationship

Escaping the Abuse

t took years of my ex telling me how worthless I was for the pain and anger to erase my fear...I won't say it was easy...The physical, mental, sexual abuses that I suffered through do not define who I am and I am better than I ever gave myself credit...[Read more]

By NoWhereToGoButUp

I Love to Sing

Silently Singing

I don't know if I'm a good singer or not, so I only sing when I'm alone. I'm so paranoid about being heard that I actually do a thorough check of every room in the house before I let out a single note...[Read more]

By Emptysoul30


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Feb 18, 2010