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I Think Mum's Say The Cutest Things

Reclaiming Youth

[Grandma's] almost 80 years old, and still thinks she can reclaim her lost youth. She's been in denial of her aging for the past...80 years...[Read more]

By StudentofUnifyingLife

I Love My Grandmother

Oh Grandma!

My grandmother is 89 years old and is being stolen from me by Alzheimer's. In the very early stages, one of the things that was stolen from her was her filter. The woman would just say anything and everything...[Read more]

By Analyzer

I Have a Kid That Cracks Me Up

Letter of Recommendation

They are teaching economics in the 2nd grade [and my son] had to apply for a classroom job. He really wanted the position of board eraser. He was to turn in two letters of recommendation...his brother offered to write...[Read more]

By Lilt

I Finally Overcame My Addiction to Crystal Meth, and I'm Sober

From Meth to Marathons

I'm a 29-year-old HIV positive gay male. Nine months ago I stopped doing crystal meth and started training for the AIDS marathon...It took me about a year and a half of getting...[Read more]

By MarathonMan

I Like To Do Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzled No More

When I was a kid, my mom used to love to do puzzles. I would do a few pieces here and there, mostly when we had bad weather and couldn't go out to play...[Read more]

By TexasLily

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