Ep Newsletter - Feb. 22nd

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I Am Selfish

Sabotaging Her Wedding

I secretly want to sabotage my daughter's wedding. I am feeling terrible for even thinking this. I love my daughter so much but we have had a pretty strained relationship in the past...[Read more]

By motherinlawfromhell

I Cooked Dinner For A Killer

His Scars Tell His Story

You can read long passages of my friend Dave’s life story, written on his forearms. You can pinpoint the lines of needle tracks, pick out the jail tattoos, and chart the course of his mental health in the crisscrossing of scar tissue inside his wrist...[Read more]

By amberdextrous

I Am Dating a Married Man

A Thirteen-Year Romance

I was a newly divorced single mom with three young daughters and my married man was my boss...I never intended to fall in love with him...[Read more]

By hoovers

I Am An Unappreciated Mother

Finding Time

I am 26 years old and have three children...My husband and I both work full time jobs at different times...We usually only see each other for a few minutes in the morning during the week and every other weekend...[Read more]

By candjn

I Have a Hard Time Letting Go Sometimes

Letting Go

I try very hard to hold on to whatever I can. When I find an idea that I am moderately comfortable with, I cling [to it] like a drowning man to his life preserver. Right now, I'm looking at a lot of change and I'm terrified...[Read more]

By onceandfutureglow

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