Ep Newsletter - March 1st

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I Am A Mother First, All Else Second

Lessons From Mom

I think my mother put herself on hold as she was raising us. She put us first, always; and she was second...In the end it wasn't good for her. She was unhappy...[Read more]

By Fallflower

I Question Social Norms

Guys And Their Legs

I'm not sure if this rates as a social norm, or not, but it's definitely something that seems to be universal amongst men in the western world, especially in rural areas...[Read more]

By wildernessgirl

I Consider Time A Gift

Gifting Your Time

Time is a very precious and valuable gift. It should be valued and treasured the same way we treat other precious things in our lives. Time is a constant and can never be stopped, reversed or even fast forwarded...[Read more]

By BobFrost

I Am a Navy Girlfriend

My Sailor

I've been friends with my sailor for six years and last time he was home, on leave, we both realized we had feelings for each other...but decided we didn't want to make anything official until...[Read more]

By halfmyheartisinJapan

I Own A Catahoula Leopard Dog

My Catahoula

I had never heard of Catahoulas until my family got one. We used to have horses and one day we went to buy some hay and ended up with a dog! The people that gave him to us, had found two puppies howling in the woods...[Read more]

By rinthtsme


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