Something Has To Be Done About This Insane Sexual Animal Who Keeps Stealing Men From Me

she made a point of surrounding herself around little children in her 40s and 50s and no doubt to take them down

her name is Sue Tun gate and she has been doing a type of vril wicca satanic pedo abuse on me with her ouja board

she has been getting men to abuse me since I was a little girl
she is a megl omaniac and a very abusive woman.

her family have been abusing my mother and they got her raped on video by a man and a woman... in a *********

sue just has been over indulged and she thinks she is some barbie doll and icon of god

she is a complete mental case

her family have been sexually abusing me since I was little

and also stealing our contacts in business,  she has no personality of her own

the woman is just plain satanic .... she has no respect for my mother or me

she is narscistic and conceited and is hung up on toyboys ... she has stolen a number of young men I had an liking for

she likes to assert her sexual supremecy over me all the time.... she even got her husband to abuse me

she gets invited to parties or events of people who are younger than her and steals all their friends and boyfriends

she even did the same thing with my grandmother... she has stolen a lot of my parents friends and even ruined their business.

all she wants to do is line up boyfriends for her great daugthers and michaels neices and push us out of the with nothing
they are both pedos and into sick o   satanic occult...

she has always had an un-natural vendetta over me over Bugsy... and I am not interested in him

she keeps trying to put me with old farts ... and she wants the young guys for herself

her and elizabeth and Una pushed my great uncle to molest me and then my uncle ron to sexually assault

Sue is the Rottweiler and 6itch of the piece....

she should be locked away in a mental home ...  she can't except her age... she is now over 60 or so

but still wants to be the teenager ... I told her she can't have babies and she should allow other girls the chance to meet young men and have their own families but she just will not stop.

she is always at it... the whole family have people abusing me... making out I am the pedo when its them! they are the sickos.
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I mean I have made it clear I will get someone to kill her... if she comes near me I will kill that old stinking dirty toad. she is a woman filled with hate in her soul. she just moves onto the next person to take down each time and when she meets someone who has something she wants she does the same thing that she did to me... its not just guys she will pick on younger women over anything... money, looks, intellect, anything at all that she wants ... she has been lead to believe all her life anything she wants is hers then and there and she bulldozes people to get it... my mum told me that sue is a bulldozer king kong who pushes people to get want she wants<br />
<br />
we even seen her with her mother.. she would not let her mother buy things she wanted yet she would spent it on herself... more expensive items ... she killed her own son for sex with Bugsy... she killed her mother by bullying her.. she has killed off our friendships.... what more will she do til she is King of the universe... ??? the woman is a complete nutter screamer... in cott and in the head... next she will want to appear in a New Direction video! as the ******** fantasy for pub boys! she took over my dads mother and sister demanding they be at her wedding and she barely knew them... she has had orgies with these lesbian friends ... she is so used to being this tall blonde barbie doll that all the men flock to... she flirts uncontrollably with young men... I don't think she is aware of all the years of abuse and hurt she has put on me... while she was out partying like a teenager I was looking after children like some nanny... and was ignored by young guys... they said I was ugly ...prince william was one of them.. sue is used to mixing with 80s bands like The Cutting Crew and she gets her way. <br />
<br />
she does not care that I have been left to master bate and have been raped and bashed by gangs ... she set up... kicked by men <br />
<br />
I have had nothing but a house hold ob<x>jects to master bate with while all the toy boys ran to her when I was a fresh faced young teen... why did people allow her to abuse me like that? what makes a woman of 43 what to be a teenager having sex with young teens and night clubbing? when they have children and a husband who gives her everything?? and meanwhile I had nothing not even a friend. its so unfair and I think she needs to be taught a lesson... <br />
<br />
I will pay someone to kill her! she is dead meat.<br />
<br />
my dad worked in radio and she took all our friends and contacts to keep me in poverty and stuck at home fat and with an illness... the woman is mental.<br />
<br />
she is jealous of me because my god parents or dog parents own Coca-cola ... who I have never met cuz she went around lying and ganging up on me over Bill molesting me as a little girl... I don't want to know them... because they didn't get off their ar se to bother to know me ..... and they are just plain spastic !! If they couldn't get off their lazy bums to help me as a child they have no right to know me now.... I DO NOT WANT THEM IN MY LIFE... !<br />
<br />
and she stole our friends in politics ... she is just a complete control freak meglo maniac.