Ep's New Format

Why have the powers that be messed with a perfectly good format?
You have made life difficult for lot's of your epeeps!
I personally could not contact my friends for a while and I still find the format difficult to use.
Remember that E.P is a life - line to many. Please leave it be!
ramfield ramfield
4 Responses May 17, 2012

I too agree.I once was able to view the history of a person,but if it's still being shared I'm unable to find it.Hugs,Mary.

hmm the moment anyone commercialize it...its unfriendly :) lol

yea the meebo chat app was soooo coool

yes, it has in fact been my lifeline so to speak as I've made a great community of friends here and we are all there for eachother in times of need. :))

Yes. Indeed! :-)