Another Day...

A new experience.

Recently, someone called me "a contradictory liar" because of two polar experiences I have had.

I don't think I should delete stories when they are no longer applicable, I'm using EP like a history book of me.

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showing you have two sides shows complexity and that only gets my attention in a good way

It was F. Scott Fitzgerald who said, "The true test of a first class mind is the ability to hold two contradictory ideas at the same time."I just HAPPEN to have a very yellowed newsprint clipping of that quote on my desk, here! Funny what comes in handy, huh? ;-) And I did check the dates. This thread has already had a long life ;-)

last comment made me giggle... i love that subtleness

Who is it who said that the ability to hold two contradictory beliefs simultaneously is the mark of an honest and contemplative man? None of us is free from cognitive dissonance. It's not always a bad thing.

Aye, EB....true.

I agree about deleting experiences. As I grow, if there are experiences I no longer agree with, I'll simply add that as a comment. But I like having a record of my growth here.

Thank you everyone... you don't know how much this means right now. Well, it means my life tonight.

The person who accused you of being contradictory may one day wake up realise how silly/naive they were, but then again, they may behave in a similar manner and because it's them, it's ok. We'll probably never know. (((Hugs)))

It can sometimes be hard for a new friend to keep track of alot of stories so I forgive people who just get confused.<br />
But like you, I dont delete stuff that is old news - I like to see how Iv grown and learnt - even if the story/blog makes me cringe!<br />
Life is a voyage of discovery! As we discover new ways of thinking we change our minds about previously held opinions - thats what makes things interesting, in my humble opinion.<br />
I refuse to be a sheep, stuck in one way of seeing and will always reserve the right to think again, relook and change my mind.

Agreed. It is that persons fault of not being aware of when that happened in your life and that things have changed for you.<br />
<br />
You are far above those petty people that judge.

no ignore that type of person. you are better than them!!