I'm Always Changing

It's funny... I have gotten comments on a few of my old posts here on EP. Many saying that they know how I feel and hope things get better for me. Well, they have! I think people should make note of the date on my stories.

I have been on this site for over an year... I came to this site lost, depressed, and friendless. Also, I wasn't in any therapy or taking any meds. So, those stories are WAY outdated. Even the stories that I had posted late last year is kinda outdated. Not the ones about my bad eyesight or me being silly, those are current still. And also my battles with an anxiety disorder or quitting cigs, those are still on too. :-)

But, for the most part, the stories about me crying for a soulmate and having no friends, and my other lonely cries. They are over. And I feel bad, when I have to tell someone who is still going through these things, "I'm sorry. This story no longer applies to me now. It was how I once felt, but not anymore." Because I know they just want to talk or connect with someone who is currently going through the same thing they are. But that's not me anymore. :-(

I want to keep my outdated stories here. It's a reminder and a chart of how far I've traveled. I get comfort from it and it keeps me from forgetting how low I can get and have been. So, please people... take note of the date! Thanks! :-)

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Feb 19, 2009