I Want to Change the World

If I cud have a world and all it owns, thousand kingdoms and thousand thrones, if all the earth were mine to hold, the world wud be a safest place for everybody 

Life seems to be difficult everyday, people are suffering with defferent things some of those things are beyond their control, some are the matter of time and tools, some are the matter of knowledge and insight, and lastly some are the matter of privileges, poor and rich. People are being oppressed by the people who have more power, they are being denied of justice bcoz they are poor, they are being taken advantage of because they cant stand up for themselves, becuase they dont have a courage to go out there and tell the world what had been or what is going on to their life

All those thing have happened to me, I suffered a severe pain (still suffering) bcoz I was/am too scared to go out there and tell the world what is it thats eating me inside, I have lost a part of me when I was growing up, I am in search of something lost since childhood, and how I wish that those things that have happened to me cannot happen to anyone else, all I want is to protect my world from those sufferings, I want to shield the world, I want to save and rescue but the question is where do I start???


Traicey Traicey
22-25, T
Mar 17, 2008