Nothing Compares

I love having huge loads into my mouth, as I'm a really nawty gurl I play with it during a few minutes before swallowing it. many of my lovers ask me to eat it on foods, such as chocolates or cookies.but i prefer the taste of the hot cream in contact with my tongue. Once i was shouted with 9 loads, it was wondrful but Ihardly could keep 3 loads into my hungry mouth. I love it blokes so... plase give me yours
hot kisses
hotirene hotirene
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Nothing better than a women who can enjoy a load I would love to *** all over you

I would love to give you my load whenever you want it

Ohh... would give you my hot load...

Add me and I'll give you mine!

OH how nice it would be to find someone who actually liked that. **** is great but to find an actual partner to ....mmmmm

Definitely a cause I'd like to help with!

Hello there
Have you ever come across one of them cut out holes in a stall before,in a toilet ?
You stop at a petrol station for fuel and also feel the need to go yourself so ....
A row of empty stalls await you,except for one that is engaged....... as you enter the bathroom you check for a nice clean stall but some have empty tissue dispensers and one is pretty gross so you enter the 2nd stall that you had already passed before and admire the graffiti on the walls as you close the door.
You then begin to wipe the seat with some tissue then hitch your skirt and roll your pantie down and be seated on the toilet and take an notice to whats written on the walls.
'' Hmmmmm What a Dirty place this is ''
Then you eye this opening on the partician wall of the stall .....A fist sized hole roughly cut out around the edges you keep looking you see movement from the otherside of the stall thru the hole.
You look closer.... closer still your eye is next to the hole and noitce a guy playing with his ****. At this moment your imagination is running wild and begin to get serious intensions of whats about to unfold.
You look again thru the hole this time lingering at what you see and your mouth becomes more open as you lick your lips and eye this mamouth member

I love the feel of a **** in my mouth and the feel of his throbbing **** as he explodes. I have never had cumm that I didnt love. I love it so much that when my husband gives a blow job he always shares it with me. He always has coffee ready when he wakes me in the morning and many mornings he wakes me just in time to watch him jack off in my coffee. What a way to start the day

nice *****--suck me dry