Mormons Are Not Christians

One of the biggest lies of the LDS / Mormon organization, a lie that most of their members actually believe.

Why do I say this, because although members of the LDS / Mormon church believe in a Jesus Christ, this man is not the same person as mentioned in the Holy Bible.

Someone I spoke to explained this perfectly so that any American can understand the deception and lies being spread by this organization.

"We are Americans, this means that we follow our President: Barack Obama. Does this mean that if someone follows another name by the same name, someone named Barack Obama who is not even American, does this mane THEM American?" Of course the answer is no.

Just because the Mormons say they believe in a man named Jesus Christ does not make them Christian. The organization though knows that if they removed themselves from beneath the Christian umbrella their membership would be drastically reduced. Their claim of being Christian and associating themselves more with the new LDS name instead of Mormons is nothing more than a ploy to not raise the concerns of those people they are lying to each and every day.
ScottShaw ScottShaw
31-35, M
Jun 8, 2012