Listen Up World



           Everyday, open ur eyes to this world, and realize these things:


 Today is a new day and a new blessing, whatever comes my way on my traviling path of life, I will be ok, even if things do not go my way, I am a strong person and I know I can get through this day!


           What happend yesterday is yesterday, the past, for today I will live for today, in this very second, for tommorrow isn't promised!


Today I am going to  take time for myself, I am gonna pamper myself, like I have never have before!


    I am live life, like I never have before, I will take risks, and I will start new bennings, for today is the future!


If someone makes fun of me for something I do, that they think is foolish, I will just laugh with me, because I am no fool, I am special and I am uquie just like everyone is in this world!


     If someone hurts my feelings or toys with my heart, I will sing like there is nothing wrong, for harmony through music will sooth my soul!!


    Today is the day, for me too start living my life, for me!


When I start too feel down, I will turn my other cheek and disspear into another land, in this other land is my dream land, this is where I will escape to a new place with happy thoughts, filled with blessings and love, like no one can give me, but my happy place!!


   When life's fastballs and cruves are thrown at me so hard, I fall to my knee, I will close my eyes and look inside myself and find my beating heart, there I will find the hope and the courage, to get back up, laugh it off and heal myself with love!


     There are times, I know I may feel discouraged in life, but its then, I will look to the moon within the twinking stars at night, as I look up to thoes bright stars in the sky in the darkness of midnight, I will say I am a beatiful or handsome person, I love me and nothing cannot take that away from me ever!!


                    Remember, u are special and unquie as can be, there is no one in this world like me, I am me and I am proud to be me!!


 Take ur time in life and take baby steps because when life's rocks fall right before ur eyes, remember this " What dosen't break my soul or my spirit, can never hurt me, but only make me stronger, within who I am, which is myself"!!!


                        Do NOT ever be afaird to be u, being u is the greatest gift  of all, that life itselfes can offer, to thoes who accept themselves and love themselves for them and not something they aren't!!

mysterygirlsky mysterygirlsky
26-30, F
3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Wonderful. My day feels better already! Thanks, dear girl, you have a heart of gold.

I belive in everything I write and say BBUDS, and I do mean what I write and say as well so ty for ur comments and support my friend, its means alot too me:}

That almost made me cry. That is great advice. If you truly believe in those things yourself and do the things above, you are very wise and strong. Only the strong are not afraid to be them self.