Becoming a Sissy!

Yes i sure would love to be a real sissy girly girl as i ahve said so in other story experiences!


i feel and think that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be who and what you really are and being a girl is not wrong even if you were born in  amle body but have sao always wanted to be femlae so you could wear gilry girl cloths and be what you are suppose to be.


aftewr all girly girls cloths are so much better esspecail when you could grwo up female and know all of the real joys of wearing only girls cloths from the very start!


i myself have so alwasy wanted to get into dresses skirts panties slips and to bea complete girly girl.

and i still feel this way i would chuck it all to go back and grwo up female instead of living the male lie being a boy is not what you think it is it is hard work i would much rahter be a girl from the beginnning and to live as a female for life i still belive girls have it better and i still want to become one even now i wish i could just transform into a girl and be done with it i want to be a girl1

that's just about it really i've so alwasy wanted to be female and sometimes it hurts really bad that i ma not a girl when i really should be i would let girls transform me anytime and permanently just come and change me into the female sex and gender i want to join you and t o be a girl at last!

eleventhdr eleventhdr
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I feel so much like you

I feel so sissy i'm about to burst. Bang!

eleventh hour, i hear you, Sister!....<br />
<br />
that's how we all feel!

oh good yet naother kindred sprit who know and realy wants to be a sissy and or girly girl girl like me i am one of the countless who is fighting for our rights to be who and what we really are be it sissy nad or tg cd LG Little girly girl girl's we have this right to be as girly as we really do wish to real girls ahve the right to dress in male cloth's but we are still denied it!<br />
<br />
so please do feel free to contact me we can discuss it or just about naything else you might really desire to talk on as well i ma open to a lot of subjects which i can list later!<br />
<br />
Thank's Jay At or eleventhdr please do feel free to come in and talk to me nay time i am usually around here somehwere!

I feel the same way.<br />
Gneena<br />